Indoor 2018/2019 Season

Season starts mid October till the end of April

Standard Registration
August 15th Till September 30th

Late Registration Additional $50 fee
September 30th Till October 15th

Registration is based upon the birth year not by the month & day.
Age Group Cost Birth
At Landing Trail School
U03 $200 2016 2016 Tuesdays @ 6pm CANCELLED
U05 $200 2014 2015 Tuesdays @ 6pm CANCELLED
U07 $200 2012 2013 Thursdays @ 6pm CANCELLED

U09 $400 2010 2011 Tuesdays @ 7:30pm CANCELLED
U11 $400 2008 2009 Thursdays @ 7:30pm CANCELLED
U13 $400 2006 2007 Thursdays @ 7:30pm CANCELLED
Players will not be placed on a team until fees and volunteer deposits are received.

***Notice to all U09, U11 & U13***

Days listed above Practices days only.
U9 - U13 games are held in Sherwood Park (Time and Location to be provided by Sherwood Park)

All teams will be Co-ed teams in the event of not enough players register in order to split the teams to fill the roster.

What is Included in the Fee?

  • Jersey's For U09 and up
  • ASA Insurances & Tri-County Admin Fees
  • Sherwood Park / EMSA Fee
  • Forfeit Fees (U09 & Up only)
  • Coach Training Classes (U09 & Up only)
  • Gym Rental
  • Misc Club costs(That we try to keep to a minumum)

Average Players per Team

U3 U5 U7 U9 U11 U13
Players 4 - 6 4 - 6 6 - 8 10 - 14 10 - 14 12 - 14

Gibbons Minor Soccer is works closely with Red Water Minor Soccer and Bon Accord Minor Soccer to ensure if we are unable to have a full roster for our U09 & up group levels, or obtain coaches, we will try to provide an option to our parents of combining our teams to accommodate all players.

Financial Assistance

Gibbons Family and Community Support Services (F.C.S.S)

Gibbons FCSS provides a variety of programs for all stages of life. For more information please contact the FCSS Coordinator at 780.578.2109

Kidsport Program

Kidsport will cover up to $400 per person per year. For a copy of there application - click here and contact Our President,. You must supply a copy of the financial verification noted on the application.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program

You must apply directly to this program. We cannot do it on your behalf. Canadian Tire Jumpstart Application is done online or by phone. For details and phone number - click here.